About Krishna Reddy

In his own words: I describe myself as a simple guy with a childlike innocence, contagious smile and sparkling eyes that radiate love and compassion and sometimes a tinge of mischief! I consider myself as a semi expert in Vedanta and the Science of Spirituality, the timeless wisdom of Self / Consciousness. I am Immensely kind, compassionate, loving & caring person. I am passionate about co-creating a better world. I love to travel, play chess, swim, solve puzzles and do social service. Photography, videography and writing are my favorite hobbies. Read More


K. V. Krishna Reddy is Managing Director of iDiya Labs. Also founder of iDiya Foundation and Chief Editor of iDiya.net. By education Krishna Reddy is a Physicist with a Master’s degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Krishna carries over one and half decades’ experience in software architecture design, online media & mobile technologies. Krishna Reddy worked as Vice President – Technology of XKLSV Internet Media Pvt Ltd at Bangalore. Before this he worked as Senior Software Engineer at Rediff.com, India’s leading online media company at Mumbai.

Honors & Achievements

★ Obtained all India 2nd rank in M. Sc. mathematics entrance exam of Hyderabad Central University.
★ Awarded first prizes in mathematics talent tests at various levels conducted by Ramanujan Mathematics Academy.
★ Mumbai Marathon: Obtained half marathon certificate for completing 21 kilometers in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, one of the four biggest marathons in the world.
★ Did many automations & innovations during my professional career as software expert.

Projects & Passions

Being Spiritual and Kind, I am passionate about co-creating a better world. I love to travel, play chess, swim, solve puzzles and do social service. Photography, videography and writing are my favorite hobbies.

Krishna Reddy

A Cool, Kind, Loving, Caring guy, I describe myself Innocent, Naughty, Spiritual person! IIT Bombay Alumnus, Entrepreneur.


Founder and Chief Editor of iDiya.net, a fast growing community driven "positive" online magazine that aims to spread the positivity in the world.

Spreading Positivity

Thru iDiya.net I apsire to promote Positive News, Constructive Politics, Social Service, Healthy Lifestyles, Unsung Heroes and Innovation

iDiya Foundation

Founder of iDiya Foundation, which endeavors to contribute to a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous World through Media, Cultural, Social and Spiritual initiatives.


Masters in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Passionate about coming up with out-of-the-box solutions to challenging problems.


I love to travel, play chess, swim, solve puzzles and do social service. Photography, videography and blogging / writing are my favorite hobbies.

About K V Krishna Reddy

An ‘unconventional’ software engineer, I carry with me a rich experience of about fifteen years in software product design and development in the domains of mobile services and online media industry. I take software products from their initial conceptualization to their launch and operations. I have done numerous product innovations and automations during my professional career. Visit My About Page to know me more...

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Happy Birthday Ajit Balakrishnan!

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Spoorthi – Will power

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Make the Divine your Valentine

Krishna and Radha, the Eternal Celebration Krishna, the Eternal Celebration ABIDING IN THE SELF Abiding in the self you become the Valentin